1. The Broken Heart of Man
    The Lonely Bell

  2. fever dream four
    Mykel Boyd

  3. Jan 2020 Tour Complication
    Drekka / Timber Rattle / Mykel Boyd

  4. prairie transmission eleven
    post doom romance

  5. prairie transmission ten
    post doom romance

  6. prairie transmission nine
    post doom romance

  7. aggregate
    post doom romance

  8. Radio Interference From Unknown Orgasm
    Various Artists

  9. conduits of the hydrosphere

  10. Koala and other metamorphoses
    Trespassers W

  11. ARMComm Sampler
    V.A. Sampler

  12. prairie transmission eight
    post doom romance

  13. prairie transmission seven
    post doom romance

  14. prairie transmission six
    post doom romance

  15. prairie transmission five
    post doom romance

  16. prairie transmission four
    post doom romance

  17. prairie transmission three
    post doom romance

  18. sex and the end of it
    Trespassers W

  19. the drugs we all need
    Trespassers W

  20. the noble folly of rock’n’roll
    Trespassers W

  21. prairie transmission two
    post doom romance

  22. prairie transmission one
    post doom romance

  23. microscale deploy knob (zyf)
    francisco lópez + mykel boyd

  24. Globes and Ledges
    Mykel Boyd + Drekka

  25. fever dream three
    Mykel Boyd

  26. Beings of ImberIndus

  27. City of Djinn
    City of Djinn

  28. Pale Horses
    Swim Ignorant Fire

  29. A Meeting in the Future
    Rapoon + Mykel Boyd

  30. 1

  31. Haqq
    City of Djinn

  32. The Black Sea pt 1
    Havre De Grace

  33. fever dream two
    Mykel Boyd

  34. The Anti Group, Matar and Mykel Boyd
    The Anti Group, Matar and Mykel Boyd

  35. White Sands
    Mykel Boyd

  36. ether and red sulphur
    City of Djinn

  37. Music For Higher Dimensional Consciousness
    Twig Harper

  38. Saffron Sacrament & Quicksilver Communion
    Vermani Shah

  39. Parallax by Jack Eley
    Jack Eley

  40. Blessed Diviner by Vermani Shah
    Vermani Shah

  41. transmutations
    Brume / Bokeh

  42. Painting Petals on Planet Ghost / Mykel Boyd
    Painting Petals on Planet Ghost / Mykel Boyd

  43. Mike Shiflet / Mykel Boyd
    Mike Shifler / Mykel Boyd

  44. fever dream one
    Mykel Boyd


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